Shaykh Omar Mohamed

Shaykh Omar Mohammed, a distinguished Egyptian Azhary tutor and dedicated Imam, stands out for his profound expertise in Quranic education. As a native Arabic speaker, he accomplished the remarkable feat of memorizing the entire Quran and mastering Tajweed rules at the tender age of 10. Graduating from the Faculty of Language and Translation with a focus on Islamic studies, Shaykh Omar possesses a deep understanding of Quranic teachings.

His academic journey at Al-Azhar University included the study of essential Islamic sciences such as Fiqh, Hadith, and Tafseer. Shaykh Omar’s commitment to education extends to both Arabic and non-Arabic speakers, showcasing his adaptability and inclusive teaching approach. With a robust background in teaching Quran Memorization, recitation, Foundation courses, and Islamic studies for all age groups, Shaykh Omar’s passion and proficiency shine through. Additionally, he

holds Ijaza in the narration of Hafs an Asim, underscoring his authenticity and credibility in Quranic instruction.

Shaykh Omar Mohammed’s impact reaches a global audience, as he imparts his knowledge with love and dedication. His ability to simplify complex concepts makes him an ideal mentor for both children and adults, creating an enriching and accessible Quranic learning experience.