Shaykh Muhammad Wagdy

Shaykh Muhammad Wagdi epitomizes the epitome of scholarly achievement within the realm of Islamic studies. Graduating from Azhar University with distinction, his expertise lies in the Faculty of Language and Translation, with a focus on the Department of Islamic Studies in English. A native Arabic speaker, Shaykh Muhammad Wagdi accomplished the remarkable feat of memorizing the Holy Qur’an, complete with a profound understanding of Tajweed rules, at the tender age of 15. With a teaching tenure spanning over five years, he imparts his extensive knowledge in Qur’an memorization, recitation, Aqidah, and Islamic studies to both adults and children. Serving as an online Qur’an and Tajweed tutor for the same duration, Shaykh

Muhammad Wagdi brings a wealth of experience and holds an Ijazah in the Qur’an, narrated by Hafs from Asim. His love for teaching is evident in his compassionate approach, and he has successfully guided numerous students from diverse global backgrounds on their Quranic journey.