Shaykh Abdulbaseer Mahmoud

Shaykh Abdulbaseer Mahmoud, a distinguished graduate of Al-Azhar University with a focus on Islamic studies, stands as a Hafiz of the Holy Quran and holds an Ijaza in Hafs an Asim. Currently serving as an Imam, he imparts weekly Jumah Khutbah in one of Egypt’s Masjids, demonstrating his commitment to fostering spiritual growth in the community. Alongside his academic achievements, Shaykh Abdulbaseer brings over 5 years of valuable experience as a Quran and Arabic teacher, shaping the education and understanding of his students.

With a foundation in Islamic Studies from Al-Azhar, Shaykh Abdulbaseer approaches teaching with dedication and passion. His diverse skill set includes an adept ability to connect with students of all ages, employing various teaching styles to cater to different learning needs. As a seasoned Quran and Arabic teacher, he not only assesses and guides students but also contributes significantly to their individual and collective growth.